Island of Lopud

Traveling with kids

No. 1 travelers to Island of Lopud are families with small children. Why is that? Because the island is truly heaven on Earth for kids. As someone who was born and grew up on Lopud, I can tell you that being a kid on Lopud was the best time of my life. I could enjoy my childhood freely while my parent’s had nothing to worry about as long as I could swim. Although there is so much to tell on this topic, here are top 5 reasons why to stay on Island of Lopud with kids.



 1. No cars

Lopud is only 4 km2 big and there are no cars on the island. There are only small golf cars which run from the middle of the island (not on the main promenade) and can take you from behind the hotel Grand to the beautiful Šunj beach on the other side of the island. These small cars also operate on the main promenade half an hour before and after the ferry. The locals use them to take groceries and other equipment needed for restaurants and bars to operate. However, except for this short period of time, you can let your kids run around freely.


2. Clean and safe

Your kids can run around barefoot on the island. The cleaning team works all the time to ensure that the island is free of anything that you could possibly step onto. This is my personal favorite. I walk barefoot all the time. Along with shallow clear water, no cars and clean streets, parents love the fact your kid has really nowhere to hide. The Island of Lopud is small, only 4 kilometer square big and the main promenade is only 1 kilometer long.


3. Sandy beaches

We are proud of our natural sandy beaches. When you arrive to Lopud with a ferry the first thing you will notice is small sandy beach right next to the pier. This beach is always filled with children. Most local children swim here, jump from the nearby docks and play in the sand. You can rent deckchairs here, explore a bay on a peddle boat or event rent a bike and do some family sightseeing and work out at the same time. There is another sandy beach just 2 minutes walk from there in front of hotel Grand. The most famous beach is on the other side of the island – Šunj beach. It’s the biggest sandy beach in Dubrovnik area. This gorgeous shallow sandy beach is perfect for a whole day of relaxation. Parasols and deckchairs are offered at the beach, you can enjoy a massage at the beach or rent a jet ski, if you are up for some sea adventure. There are two restaurants and one bar in the woods with hammocks, deep natural shade and plenty of space for little ones to run around.


4. Fun for kids

Along with the usual stuff, kids have so much to do here. Local shops are filled with fun stuff for the beach, there are high quality ice creams offered everywhere, you can rent pedal boats, rent bikes, play tennis, badminton, futsal… You can rent a boat and go for a day trip around the islands. The sea is crystal clear and water is shallow so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are kids playing on the promenade all the time. If your kid is an outgoing one, he or she will find new friends in a matter of minutes.


5. Great base for traveling

The Island of Lopud is a peaceful small island close to Dubrovnik and other Elaphiti islands. There is a regular ferry that operates 4 times a day. You can easily do day trips to nearby islands (Koločep and Šipan) or visit Dubrovnik for a day. This makes Lopud a perfect base for a longer vacation. Moreover, if you would like to go snorkeling and explore hidden beaches and caves, you can go on a private speedboat tour or rent a small boat and take it for a spin.

If you have any questions regarding your stay on Lopud, feel free to contact us any time. We can organize family friendly accommodation for you, kids friendly activities, show you around and much more.

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