Dubrovnik Ferry Private Transfer

How to get to Lopud

Getting to Lopud from Dubrovnik may be much easier than you think it would be. Dubrovnik ferry operated by Jadolinija agency runs several times a day from Gruz harbor. Also, there are regular airport shuttle buses runing from Dubrovnik airport to Gruz harbor. Moreover, you can choose between several private transportation options. If you are traveling as a family or a group, this might be not only a more convenient but also a great value for money option.



Getting to Gruž harbor from Dubrovnik Airport

More than 2 million passengers come to Dubrovnik each year by airplane via
Dubrovnik Airport. The Airport is located in Čilipi, Konavle, approximately 22 km from Dubrovnik Gruz harbor. The regular Dubrovnik Airport Shuttle Bus service is provided by Atlas Agency in Dubrovnik. There is no need to search for timetable for Airport to City shuttle bus because the bus leaves about 20-30 minutes after every flight arrival. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for the shuttle bus to reach Main Bus Station located in Gruž Port. The shuttle bus also makes a stop at the entrance to the Old Town Dubrovnik.

If you are going other way around – from the Main Bus Station in Gruž Port you can check the timetable here. The bus usually leaves 90 minutes before regular domestic flights or 2 hours before regular international flights. A one-way ticket is 40 kn/6 EUR (payable in kunas on site), while a return ticket is 70 kn/10 EUR (payable in kunas on site).  You can also buy the tickets online.

Dubrovnik’s Main Bus Station is located right next to the ferry terminal in Gruž harbour. So, when you arrive there, you will have to walk about 800 meters to reach Jadrolinija Agency office where you can buy the tickets for the ferry / boat to Lopud.



Getting to Lopud from Gruž harbor


The ferry to Lopud leaves exactly accross the street from the before mentioned Jadrolinija Agency office in Gruz harbor. The ferry usually runs 4 times a day, depending on the day of the week and the season. In other words, there are more ship/ferry lines during the summer than winter time. You can check the timetable here. A one-way ticket is 23 kn/3 EUR (payable in kunas in Jadrolinija Agency), while a ticket for a child age 3 to 12 is 11.5 kn/1.5 EUR (payable in kunas in Jadrolinija Agency).  


Book private transfer

Don’t feel like carrying your luggage around and squeezing into the public bus? You had enough of running to catch the ferry or spending hours waiting for the next one? How about booking a private Dubrovnik transportation right to your island of choice and back to the airport when you are ready to go home? Or maybe you need a ride from your hotel to an island or in between Elaphiti islands? Our taxi-speedboat service is open 24/7. One of our friendly, professional drivers will have you on your way ahead of all the others queuing for a local taxi or bus.


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