Snorkeling on Lopud

Snorkeling on Lopud

Snorkeling on Lopud is simply stunning. Discover waters around sandy beaches, explore natural caves and snorkel in hidden lagoons. There are many high and low rocks with amazing underwater life underneath them. More importantly, you can reach most of them by foot. If you rent a boat, the owner is a local, so he will be more than happy to let you in on the secret snorkeling spots and borrow you some snorkeling gear.


Lopud coves and caves

Most people come to Lopud for a swim on a sandy beach and do snorkeling there. This is quite nice especially if you are coming with small kids. However, if you are a true snorkeling fan and a bit of an adventurer, take can take a day for snorkeling in coves. You can go out and explore hidden caves and small lagoons with turquoise blue waters and sandy base. What lies beneath the rocks and cliffs will take your breath away. Underwater explorers will be amazed by the world under the cliffs. Look for underwater tunnels, caves, holes… It’s a whole new world to be discovered. Sea urchins are something to watch out for.




Kolocep Blue Cave

You can also rent a speedboat with a local skipper who will personally show you all the hidden beauties of Lopud and Elaphiti islands. So, if you decide to go snorkeling outside Lopud waters, don’t miss the famous Blue Cave. It’s on the south side of the Kolocep Island. Get out of the speedboat and swim. However, prepare yourself for chilly water inside the cove. If you like what you see, get the boat to drop anchor near any of the other Elaphiti caves. They’re beautiful and your local skipper knows them all.


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