Beaches on Lopud Island Sunj Beach

The sandy island

Beaches on Lopud Island

Beaches on Lopud Island are small but amazing. Guests voted shallow sandy beach Šunj to be one of the best beaches on the Dalmatian coast year after year. However, this isn’t the only nice sandy beach on Lopud. There are two smaller sandy beaches in the Bay of Lopud with an authentic island feel… You will find so much beauty on this small car-free picturesque island.

Šunj beach

Looking for a place to get full use out of your bucket and shovel? This is your spot. If you are staying on Lopud or arriving with the ferry, you’ll have to walk for about 30 minutes through blissfully untouched Mediterranean countryside. This road will get you to the other side of the island where the beach is. Therefore, if you don’t feel like walking, you can jump into a small buggy waiting for you on the road to Šunj beach. It will get you to the beach in less than 5 minutes and you’ll have a little fun on the way there at the same time.

This natural sandy beach is famous for its shallow crystal clear waters. It’s perfect for kids and anyone who wants to enjoy a day of relaxation.  You can drink a cocktail in the shade, hire loungers and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. For those looking for  relaxation, there are masseuse services offered at the beach. If you are more of an adventurer, you might want to rent a jet ski. Two beachfront restaurants offer great variety of meals. For those who want to lie down in a hammock, read a book and listen to the crickets, there’s a restaurant set in the woods only few meters from the beach. Because of its surrounding, not much shade can be found on the beach itself, so don’t forget to bring a lot of sunscreen and water with you. 



Bay of Lopud sandy beaches

Šunj beach is the best know sandy beach on Lopud, quite often referred to as the only sand beach in Dubrovnik area, but that’s not quite true. There are two other small but nice sandy beaches in the Bay of Lopud. The first one is only few meters from the pier. This beach is always filled with children. Most local children swim here, jump from the nearby docks and play in the sand.

You can rent deck chairs and parasols on the beach, rent paddle boat and bikes. Kayaking tours around Lopud and Elaphiti start from this beach. There is also a really nice small restaurant right next to the beach, along with a bar that offers Italian style ice cream. A number if bars, souvenir shops, grocery stores are nearby. There is another sandy beach just 2 minutes walk from there in front of hotel Grand with a seafront bar right next to it.


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