we live on lopud

And we are here to show you how to enjoy fully Lopud style

Enjoy Lopud like a local

We are not a usual travel agency. I know you’ve heard this before, but what makes us different is that we all live on Lopud and Elaphiti islands, also called Elafiti or Elaphites. We are here for you 24/7 not only on phone or email but physically here for you.

I love sandy beaches, untouched nature and sound of crickets, but I feel that Lopud and other islands in Dubrovnik archipelago have so much more to offer. This is exactly why I started Enjoy Lopud project, which involves more than 100 local people offering unique experience to all travelers.


Being a traveler myself, I know how hard it is to organize a perfect holiday. Wherever the road took me, I never wanted to do only the usual touristy stuff. I wanted to feel the local culture, get to know the people, experience something extraordinary…

Every host on this web site will wait for you in Lopud harbor and take you to your new home. Our guides will spend time to listen to your desires and fulfill them in best possible way. All services you find on this web site has been tried and tested, checked and double checked. They are all offered by local people born and living on Lopud and neighboring islands. Many of them kids friendly, since families are number one guests on Lopud.

If you are not satisfied, neither are we. So, come and join our little local community of happy travelers. We promise we’ll do our absolute best to help you enjoy Lopud like Lopud people do. And we certainly do enjoy living on Lopud. Trust me on this one ūüėČ

Robert Pusic

We do it your way

100% authentic experiences

We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ packages. We provide¬†authentic experiences, tailor-made for you. It might sound expensive, but really it isn’t. We provide solutions for every type of holiday, including budget travel, always putting value for money on top of our priorities.

Simply tell us what you like and we’ll help you craft the holiday of a lifetime. Many of our experiences are completely unique to us because of our expert local knowledge, as we are a part of the local community.¬†

We know Dubrovnik area inside and out, having lived here for all of our lives. Some of our partners have been hosts for over five decades, some of them run family businesses that include growing organic food, organizing cruise tours with speedboats, delivering awesome food to table in their small restaurants and much more.

We live here so we know the best places to stay, eat and explore. We provide unique experiences, while operating with Lopud community’s interests at heart.

From locals with love

Everything you see here is offered by locals, mostly small family businesses

Authentic experiences

We do not believe in¬† ‘one size fits all’ packages, so all our services are personalized

24 / 7 support

We are here for you personally on Lopud or you can reach us via phone and email

Travel curiously

Feel free to contact us and we’ll come up with solutions that fit your needs and budget

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